Inspection Machines

Dynamic check weighers assist in the removal of products that are not qualified from the production line when their weight is not relevant. Compliance with industry regulations is a priority for our products. Dynamic check weighers are excellent labor-saving machines that help to optimize production efficiency. 

Capsule Checkweigher

100% capsule weighing solution with world's highest-level precision and reliability.

High Accuracy [SSV-h series]

Equipped with a high speed and high accurate force balance. This line of weighing systems meets the quality control requirements of various production lines.

Washdown [SSV-i series]

A waterproof and dustproof stainless exterior is suitable for food production lines that require stringent sanitary control.

Economy [SSV-f series]

Equipped with a highly versatile strain gauge load cell for balance. A wide range of applications including heavy products can be weighed on the SSV-f.

DualX HR [Dual Energy]

Large model [XR75 series]

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