End-of-line solutions

Secondary Packaging machines

Products are packaged in three different ways: the primary packaging, secondary packaging, and tertiary packaging. End-of-line solutions typically include tertiary packaging as well as the steps involved in preparing the products for shipment. The automated end-of-line solution may include stand-alone applications or complex systems comprising palletizers, robots, conveyors, accumulators, printers, readers, palletizer dispensers and wrappers.

Automated end-of-line solutions are the final piece of the puzzle in the development of a fully automated packaging line. End-of-line solutions can be classified into two types based on their philosophies; centralized and decentralized.

Palletizer with pallet wrapping

The Wrap Around cartons form the carton around the product, starting from a die. This working method allows to ensure a high stability of the product inside the carton.

Flex Robots

Machines with integrated robotics for the handling and packaging of the product through the taking and depositing performed with robotic systems such as delta robots, small anthropomorphs with 4 or six axes and the like. 

Vertical Cartooning

Vertical insertion case packers. The product batch is specially prepared as per the expected configuration and deposited inside the carton with a vertical movement by a dedicated gripping head. 


DualX HR [Dual Energy]

Large model [XR75 series]

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