Filling Machines

Primary Packaging Machines

Our range of filling machines is suitable for various filling applications, such as food & beverage, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, distilleries, cosmetics, toiletries, personal care, chemical, oil.

We have a selection of semi-automatic/automatic linear liquid filling machines and rotary filling machines with a variety of filling systems, such as piston-syringes, flow meters, vacuum pumps, gear pumps, gravity filling, etc. Liquid filling is operated through a touch screen with the ability of storing multiple recipes and profile filling using accurate measurements.

Vertical Vacuum Nitrogen Flushing & Sealing Machine

Vertical Vacuum Nitrogen Flushing & Sealing Machine is suitable for increasing the shelf-life of products such as Chips, Dry Fruits, Powder, Snack food, Rice, Cheese, Sweets etc.

Semi Automatic Horizontal Pouch Sealing Machine

Semi Automatic horizontal pouch sealing machine (Band sealer) is suitable for sealing of laminated as well as virgin films preformed pouches and available in 2 models.

Semi-Automatic Vertical Pouch Sealing Machine (Band Sealer)

Semi Automatic Pouch Sealing Machine to seal all type of Pouches, Made of laminates as well as virgin film.

DualX HR [Dual Energy]

Large model [XR75 series]

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