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Platform scales are large steel platforms fitted with high-capacity load cells for weighing large or heavy objects, particularly palletized objects. Platforms are connected to indicators that display weight readings.

With a variety of sizes, graduations, and capacities from 3-5 tons, Syntra Global offers a wide selection of durable, easy to use digital platform scales. Platforms such as these are commonly used in factories, warehouses, and distribution centers, where forklifts load goods onto them.

EIW Series: Platform Scale

These series of bench scales provides flexible,rugged and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of weighing tasks in dry environments. Build for rock solid performance and available invarious capacities.

Econ Table Top Series

EIW Series: Floor Scale

The EIW Floor range weighing scales are designed for durability in commercial and industrial weighing applications.Built for rock solid performance and available in various sizes and capacities.

ECON Series: Platform Scale

ECON Series Platform Scale are designed to be used in retail,rough industrial and outdoor environments.

DualX HR [Dual Energy]

Large model [XR75 series]

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